Pambansang Kalipunan ng mga Manggagawang Impormal sa Pilipinas

Our Vision:

“Conscious and active empowerment of workers (poor, women, and youth) in the informal economy in building a free, equal, and prosperous society.

Our Mission:

“Advancement of the rights of workers (poor, women, and youth) in the informal economy.”



Lourdes A. Gula                    National President

Primar S. Jardeleza              Vice-President & Chairperson for Organizing

Veronica A. Nicodemus          National Chairperson for Education & Training

Domingo C. Tina Jr.              National Chairperson for Project & Fund Raising

Maria S. Pascual                  National Chairperson for Networking, Advocacy &

                                                Paralegal Work

Alicia E. Priol                      National Chairperson for Marketing

Juliana M. Canta                  National Chairperson for Health & Social Protection

Jezerine P. Berdan                National Council Secretary

Divina C. Cesar                    National Council Treasurer

Leonida M. Antonio                National Council Auditor

Nenie M. Amano                    NC Representative for HOMEBASED WORKERS Sector

Virginia C. Aguilar                NC Representative for SMALL VENDORS Sector

Percival J. Celestino              NC Representative for YOUT

LITA M. PENULLIAR                NC Representative for SMALL SERVICE Sector

MARIA S. NEBLA                  National Council Member

JOCELYN C. LIPIO                National Council Member

EPIPHRAS D. LABAJO              National Council Member

PriMar Jardeleza/Advocate-ORganizer

Formerly a subcontracted bamboo weaver and daycare worker, now a full time advocate-organizer of PATAMABA. She joined PATAMABA in the early 1990s and was later elected to be its Coordinator for Education and Training, a post which she occupied for many years

Branch office - PATAMABA

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